Fundamental knowledge, the right tools and maintenance, and proper timing. The key to proper pruning practice.


Hand Pruning

True Masters of the craft. structure, shape and health. 

Proper Care

Proper care isn’t just subject to proper pruning. Nutrient, soil ph and protection are imparative to long term health. 


Structure or by shape. 

Two very different practices. Pruning by structure improves the health, and natural shape of a species. 


You can still shape ornamentals, but proper health is dictated by proper structual pruning. 

High Expectations

Replacing dying mature plants can be expensive. Proper Maintenance can add significant life to an existing plant.

Life Expectancy

Everyone understands that nothing lasts forever. When we design and plant we maintain with the same vision. It is rewarding to visit a property 10 years down the line that looks just as good as it did when it was created.

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