Plant Installation

Just dig a hole, plant and cover up, its an easy process right? Not so fast. Trees, shrub, plants and flowers are all living things and planting requires special techniques and care. This services is something we take great pride in. Having the proper equipment, knowledge and experience goes a long way.

Privacy Screening

Pesky Neighbors? Maybe you just want to cover up an area that has become an eyesore? We have many solutions that suit your current environment.  Looking for suggestions? 

Annual Plantings

Perennials are great but they require maintenance and proper preperation for blooming seasons.  Planting annuals gives you the freedom to pick and choose the colors you look at on a seaonal basis. There is no right or wrong, only preference.

Specialty Planting

Texture, color and placement. Plant for the future, not for the now. 

Perennial Gardens

We love designing, planting and maintaing perennial gardens. One of the few areas of our work where its just as soothing to work on as it is to look at. 

Major Obstacles?

Yep, we have run into them too. We have the equipment to make any obstable a non issue. Proper planting requires proper preparation. We do what it takes to do the job right.