Lawn Installation, Renovation and Restoration


We have you covered from start to finish. Starting with demolition and material removal and ending with executing replacement/installation.

We cover every step of the process and everything in between. We even go through the lengths to set you up with a strict watering schedule to verify grass health and promote growth.

Don’t have the time? We will make the time and do it for you. We use our NOFA certification to escalate the growth process with our Organic Lawn Care program.

Stump Removal

When we are starting from scratch we like to remove all obstructions especially when removing trees. We like to remove the stumps to prevent sink holes years down the road and to level out the grade.

Quality Materials

The prep is equally as important as the end results. When renovating or installing a new lawn, we use the best materials at our disposal. We use clean fill and triple screened topsoil/compost mix for top dressing. This helps stabilizes the PH of the existing soil and creates a great base for new grass.

Proven Results

We bring dreams to reality. This backyard had 7 trees removed and had a lot of drainage issues. We removed all the stumps, graded the surface to perimeter drains and installed a new lawn the best way we know how. Seed, hay and the proper lawn care program.


Removed brush, a few large boulders that were creating sink holes, and a few smaller stumps and the ground is now level.


Clean, lush flat lawn so the kids can safely play in the backyard. In and out in a day + the time for seed to germinate. In two weeks this lawn was 100% usable. 

Quality Control

The property owner had 5-6 trees removed because they wanted to expand the useable space in the backyard and make it more eye appealing to a future buyer by cleaning up the overgrowth. This renovation  required us to remove stumps, massive boulders and installation of a vinyl white privacy fence. Our prefered topsoil mix, seed and hay and this wooded overgrown area is now useable yard space.

Stump Removal

Removing the stumps to level off the surface to provide more open area for activities. 


We have the ability to work quicker by using our rolloff truck to drop containers while we take another one to dispose of. Efficiency times two!

Fence Installation

Sometimes the client doesn’t want a natural screen, we also provide expert fence installation when requested. 

Landscape Rake

Using out equipment with specialty attachments allows us to sift through the surface material. The cleaner the material the fuller the grass will grow.

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